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Alliances || G-33

Statement by the Philippines
Alliance for SP and SSM
COA Formal Special Session
18 July 2003

The positions taken, and proposals forwarded, by the Philippines are well-known, and we do not intend to repeat them here. Our statement will be general but more focused, as will be apparent in the "Statement and Declaration" that we shall shortly present.

The Philippines is pleased and honoured to share its voice with 15 other Members that constitute the Alliance for SP and SSM: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Turkey, Uganda, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe. We likewise acknowledge and thank the delegation of Indonesia for providing coordinative leadership in this Alliance.

As is apparent from this list, the Alliance binds countries well-spread across the continents. They range from the very small to the very big. Altogether they account for the bulk of the world's resource-poor farmers.

(Please refer to attached "Statement and Declaration".)

On behalf of our delegations, the hundreds of millions of farmers and the billion people from across the globe that we represent, we thank you.

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