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G-33 Minister/High-Level Meeting Press Statement
Rio de Janeiro, 10 September 2006

We, Ministers/HODs of the G-33 present in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 10 September 2006 have met to discuss current situation of the Doha Round developments and to reflect on our course of action with a view to ensuring that the negotiations lead to an outcome that is consistent with the development mandate of the Doha Round.

We stress our political commitment and readiness to put the negotiations back on track as soon as possible as a successful outcome is critical for economic growth, development and livelihoods in developing countries. We once again emphasize that the negotiations must be fully consistent with the Doha mandate, the July Framework Agreement and the Hong Kong Declaration which place development at the heart of these negotiations. Therefore, any move to reverse or renegotiate the architecture of the negotiations can not be acceptable. A successful outcome must have as an integral component effective and operational provision for Special and Differential Treatment, especially the provisions for SPs and SSM to address the food security, livelihood security and rural development needs of the developing countries.

Towards this end, all members, in particular the major players, have to show requisite political will and readiness to make tangible contributions to bring the negotiations to a successful resumption and conclusion. In parallel with this political movement, we urge the members to intensify technical level consultations based in Geneva in a transparent and inclusive process.

We remain fully committed to a dialogue with all developing country groups with a view to achieving a common understanding and position on all aspects of SPs and SSM. We also reiterate that the purpose of these instruments is not to impede market access. It is more to provide effective instruments for developing countries to address fundamental development concerns as they engage in the Doha round and make a contribution towards its success. That contribution cannot be however, at the expense of the livelihood of the rural poor and disadvantaged in our countries.

We reiterate that resolution of these issues is central to deliver up on the development promise of this Round.

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